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In addition to participating in various events and raising money for organizations that match our goals directly (check out our Events page), CureForKidsCancer  also raises money that will go to specific causes or be directed to specific organizations at our discretion. Check out some of the organizations that are close to our hearts at our Organizations page!


CureForKidsCancer has established a tax beneficial fund under the umbrella of Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund - called CureForKidsCancer Charitable Fund in honor of Nitin Ramachandran 


All contributions are tax deductible. Checks can be made directly to "Fidelity Investments Charitable Fund" . In the memo field, mention

"Giving Account # 1082209" and under that "CureForKids Cancer Charitable Fund"


Checks can be mailed directly (address below) or given to us for mailing:

Fidelity Charitable

P.O Box 770001

Cincinnati, OH 45277-0053


CureForKidsCancer will keep all donors appraised of how the funds are being allocated but third party donors are not allowed to direct Fidelity in how these funds are being allocated. We (as administrators of the fund) will be responsible for that. If you are mailing checks directly, do let us know ( so we can keep track of donors to add to our mailing list for updates on how funds are being used.






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