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My Story

My name is Nitin Ramachandran, I am currently a sophomore at Georgetown University, majoring in Computer Science. In March of 2014, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Brain Cancer after a brain tumor called Medulloblastoma was found on my brain stem. At the time, I was in 7th Grade and lived what I called a "normal life." I was playing tennis 3-4 times a week, went to school with my friends and was overall an active kid. Around a week later, I underwent an 8-hour long surgery to remove the tumor, which left me hospitalized for a couple weeks thereafter. I had 30 days of proton radiation at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, followed by 9 rounds of chemotherapy back home in Northern Virginia, all ending around June of 2015. Along the way, I had an incredible set of friends and family, as well as several amazing organizations that helped me get through the harsh treatments. Although it wasn't easy (to state the obvious), I don't think I could have gotten through the treatments and made a full recovery without the support of my community. Since the end of my treatments, I have made an effort to give back to some of these wonderful organizations, because I know the struggles that come with fighting this disease, and I believe that no kid should go through this without the incredible help and support that I received. 

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At the  2016 Race for Hope with (then) Vice President, Joe Biden 



Team Nitin

After my diagnosis in March of 2014, a close friend of ours created "Team Nitin," a team made up of family, friends and members of our community who support and attend various events around the area. While I was still in treatment, Team Nitin was a way to show me the ongoing support I had and gave me the fight I needed to get through everything. No matter how small or how big the turnout, Team Nitin always makes the effort to attend annual walks and events that support our wonderful organizations! In addition to attending various events, Team Nitin started a Toy Drive in December of 2017 - Season of Wishes - to give back to our local hospitals and organizations. Around Christmas time of each year, Team Nitin recruits members of our local community to donate new and unopened toys. At the end of the drive, we visit local hospitals, clinics and organizations to drop off these toys for patients to enjoy during the holiday season!


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To read more about Team Nitin,  visit our Facebook page, another way to be up to date on our past and upcoming events! 

You can also check out my Blog, where I wrote recollections of some of my experiences while going through my treatments!

 Contact us via email:



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